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March 29, 2022

Morressier Virtual Conference Platform evolves to focus on audience experience and marketability

Take your multi-day, content heavy conferences to the next level when it comes to audience experience and organizer control with the latest launch of Conference Solutions.

Event experience and longevity are among the most important indicators of success for virtual events. But it’s hard to capture your audience’s attention when everyone is at home, and it’s hard to make sure your event is more than a flash in the pan. That’s why we’re improving our platform to create a holistic event experience that meets the need for each individual attendee.


Event navigation and discovery that builds excitement

The last thing you want is attendees scrolling through your event website, trying to find the session they want, or that is starting in 2 minutes. Our navigation tools allow you to highlight key sessions or presentations that bring in the biggest crowd. 

With virtual events, many attendees will engage with sessions in their own time, listening to presentations on demand, or reading up on topics they missed. But we also want to encourage live engagement, with discovery that makes your event easy to organize and easy for attendees to understand. Now attendees can see which sessions are Happening Now and what is Upcoming. Better yet, your landing page will update in real time as your program continues with no manual changes on the backend.


Audience engagement tools offer variety for users

With navigation improved and your audience able to find the sessions they want like never before, we’re also improving the way they experience live virtual events. Each session has its own chat for the audience to engage with each other and the speakers. Q&A’s are easy to moderate and are also saved alongside the presentation once the live session is published as an on-demand resource. In our virtual backstage space, speakers can also chat with one another and their moderator to make sure everything transitions run smoothly and to troubleshoot any audio (Morressier support will also be on hand to help out with any technical difficulties). 

For those who like to turn on their video, we’ve also expanded our networking solutions to accommodate groups of up to fifty people. Our sleek gallery view makes communicating simple, and attendees will feel like they’re meeting in person. 

Some people like to chat, others like their video, and others prefer to browse. That’s why we also have newly improved event user profiles. Attendees can browse through speakers, moderators, chairs, and their fellow participants to find people with similar interests and connect with them one on one. This variety ensures that we have at least one engagement or networking tool that’s right for every attendee.


Customizable experience that improves brand awareness

Your attendees pick your conference because they trust your brand. With our new administrator options, you can make your event homepage a consistent experience for those attendees. With options to add your visual identity directly to the homepage and throughout the program, your audience will not forget whose event they’re participating in. 

On top of an improved experience for your brand, we continue to offer ways for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their brands. It’s easy for attendees to find the exhibitor list right in the top navigation of the homepage, and on their own private pages, each exhibitor can share any information they want, from videos to digital content. 


Organizer controls that help you host with peace of mind

Control doesn’t stop with the ability to integrate your brand to your event hub, it also applies to every level of event planning. And we are on-hand to help you make the most of the control you have. We will help you onboard, and we’ll support your session moderators live during the event. With our enhanced product offering, you are guaranteed a reliable, scalable experience that is quick and easy to pull together.

You also have the option to control what gets shared before the conference. While you’re customizing the program and designing your branded hub, you can set events private so your eager participants don’t get a sneak peek before you’re ready. In sessions, you also have new control features that allow moderators and organizers to queue up topics while the audience waits in the program. This creates a superior experience for your attendees, and keeps them engaged throughout your event. 

With better options for customization and control, you can create a better event experience, and keep your attendees happy and engaged. 

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