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March 30, 2022

The next steps of the Morressier journey

Hear from Sami Benchekroun, our co-founder and CEO, about Morressier's bold vision for the research community.

When we first started Morressier, we were shocked at how much valuable science is lost after conferences - posters put in the bin, and the discussion limited only to people that are able to attend physical meetings. That’s not good enough. We’ve come a long way from those early days. Today, our comprehensive platform is redefining early-stage research. We will never stop moving quickly. Our growth in the last year alone - from 25 to more than 100 people - means going further to transform the scholarly communications landscape. 

Our bold vision demands a bold brand. 


Starting with the path

Our vision is to enable the world’s learners so they can discover the latest breakthroughs. That central idea is at the heart of our every decision, and our brand brings that vision to life. We focus on research’s earliest ideas - those sparks of curiosity - and help them grow with our platform and our community. The ‘spark’ echoes through our brand to remind the world how important those early findings are for the world’s learners.

The world has changed, and science can’t be left behind. Our vision guides us and our partners toward a vibrant and sustainable future full of opportunities. And our brand demands change from start to finish, with bold messaging that provokes thought and sparks ideas for our partners.


Building the trust

A successful brand is all about trust. Our brand is built on big ideas, so we lead with confidence and vision. Everything we say and do solidifies that trust and inspires the scholarly communications industry to join us. 

That trust is a central thread connecting our brand to our partners and every researcher on our platform. Our brand is a promise: building the best products and services for the scholarly community and learners around the world.


Taking the journey

Our brand displays in a unique way the flash of inspiration that started our wild ride and the path we’re on to redefine this industry. This is a massive leap forward for Morressier and I could not be more proud about this extraordinary team around the world that is now supported by an incredibly strong brand identity , with a visual style inspired by learners and scientists and the power of their curiosity.

Take our new logo. A bold font fills the page, and the dot of the ‘i’ is transformed into a spark. The spark represents that first idea, that first moment of curiosity that becomes the beginning of every creative process - the start of every innovation, every breakthrough - the starting point for all preliminary results, early-stage research and the path towards something new.


Or take our illustration style. A simple, yet diagrammatic style brings traditional elements into the future. It is recognizable and at the same time fresh and modern. It is dynamic, three-dimensional, as research itself cannot be contained on a single plane.

Our brand tells our story, from each photograph we use to the colors and headlines of our articles. The story of what we are doing today - and what we’re planning for the future - and all with our vision in mind of enabling every learner to discover and share ideas. 

Morressier stands for a paradigm shift that is happening in science, scholarly communications and conferences. A shift on how: we empower communities, how we share research in all its rich details from beginning to end, and how we enable all its players - scientists, societies, corporates, institutions - to thrive in this new world. A shift that Morressier co-defines - a shift that the knowledge industry needs. And we at Morressier, we are ready for what comes next.

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